SiteRite Texas, LLC- You can't go wrong when your site is right.

SiteRite Texas, LLC- You can't go wrong when your site is right.SiteRite Texas, LLC- You can't go wrong when your site is right.SiteRite Texas, LLC- You can't go wrong when your site is right.
Our crews subscribe to the notion that attitude determines altitude. We work well with others.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Recently completed project maintained by SiteRite Texas throughout remodel.

A mid-project picture of an almost completely gutted remodel maintained by SiteRite Texas.

Straight to the point

Meet SiteRite Texas, LLC

Here we have posted some pictures of our work. The chosen visuals shed light on our obsession with details; particularly organization and cleanliness on job sites. Please take a moment to view various site photos while keeping in mind that hundreds of folks see the same scenes daily. We have listed a few:



*People Walking/Driving By


*City Inspectors


In our brief slideshow we hope to provide you with sufficient content to spark a curiosity regarding an opportunity to save money.  

More About SiteRite Texas


SiteRite Texas was the featured company in "Groundbreakers", a newsletter published by the Greater Austin Area HBA in November of 2019.

SiteRite Texas Member Spotlight 

Our crews detail everything possible on every visit. We touch base weekly with our clients to address specific tasks that ALWAYS come up over the duration of the project. 

*Door Tracks

*Window Sills


*Cabinets & Drawers


*Complete Yard Service

*General Curb Appeal

*Small Tree Trimming

*Material Organization

*Interior Surface Protection

*Practically Any  Miscellaneous Jobs


We know that every project and site is different. 

Our crews are trained to, well, make sites right. 

Perhaps an example to explain:

A large limb falls on a job site requiring a chain saw  to take care of. We can  do that and haul away the limbs to be recycled with a zero disposal fee. A fallen limb does not need the expertise or high cost of an arborist. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to have a "Go To" company for general site maintenance as well as the numerous odds and ends that accompany large projects. One number to call  for incidences that fall through the cracks of specific trades. 


We are firm in our core values:

  • Integrity: We carry general liability insurance and verify residency for all employees.
  • We make prudent decisions and respect all trades on site. Being bilingual, we bring an attitude of positivity and a sense of teamwork that is contagious to each and every site.
  • Most importantly our attention to detail and inability to cut corners affects quality as well as costs because it, too, seems to be contagious. Give us a call and let's  raise the bar.

Contact Us

If you should need an immediate response, please contact us at the number below.

Brett Edwin McGinnis 512-903-6685

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